Eagle Movie Best New Review Ravi Teja

Eagle Movie Best New Review Ravi Teja  Sahdev (Ravi Tej) is a contract killer. Along with Jai (Navdeep) he conducts operations to recover weapons from Naxalites, Pakistani terrorists and other insurgent forces. By setting up base in the region and becoming slaves of cotton farmers, he builds his empire without endangering the integrity of the country.

Eagle Movie

The film started with the episode where the news related to farmers in Delhi troubles the central government.. Director Karthik Ghattamane made me feel that I am going to watch something new. After this he left the topic and made the story more complicated by talking about weapons, Naxalites and Pakistani terrorists. The fast-paced, dull scenes created confusion as to what was happening in the story. Something happened in the first half…it remains to be seen what will happen in the second half.

Eagle Movie second part

Talking about the second part, it seems better to start telling the details of the different versions of the story. Focusing too much on unnecessary things detracts from the strong emotions of the story. The film’s strong points were sidelined. But treating the film as a visual treat feels like sidelining the story. But in the last 20 minutes, due to the powerful telling of the story, a new enthusiasm is seen in the film which till now seemed boring. Overall, it seems that they have succeeded in presenting a Hollywood level action thriller. Director Uchkon has a good point. But it fails to execute.

Eagle Movie

Now when it comes to actors, Ravit’s one man show from Eagle movie. From the first scene to the last scene, it can be said that the atmosphere of the festival was brought in front of the fans through elevation and build-up shots. This dialogue delivery is also new. Getup, attitude associated with the character. Now Navdeep showed me his good character next to Ravi Tej. The unique role was useful in taking the story forward. The poetic character in the game is like Aarti Pandu. Madhubala, Arshal, Vinay and other characters look alike.

Eagle Movie Ravi Teja technical performance

When it comes to technical performance departments.. cinematography, music, dialogues igil cinemaku kab banla marai. The BGM helped a lot in elevating the dialogues as the scenes lacked substance. The editing department focuses on telling the story clearly. Do we watch Hollywood movies instead of Telugu movies? The production values are huge. People’s Media Factory manufacturing values are in the top class range.

The film Eagle is a mix of action, suspense and thriller elements with some emotion. Director Anchukon has a good point. But if the story had been told around that point, the film would have been in a different range. Due to the lack of a real villain in the story, the operations, upgrades and build-up shots done by the hero Ravi did not work well. The first half started well, the second half made the film balanced. Ravi Tej, background, production values plus points. Apart from a few flaws in terms of story and narration…good action, thriller film. Those who like serious action films will like this film very much. Watch The Eagle for a new experience in theatre.

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