Apple Vision Pro spatial computing technology explained

Apple Vision Pro’s spatial computing technology explained

Apple Vision Pro What is spatial reality in Apple Vision Pro While spatial computing is a relatively new concept in the world of technology, the term was actually coined in 2003 by a researcher named Simon Greenwald, who described the concept as “human interaction with a machine in which the machine does the actual maintenance.” Had defined. , With the manipulation of context, objects and places.” Spatial computing is human-computer interaction that allows humans to experience it as it is happening in the real world and in their actual surroundings, not behind a computer screen. One of the most basic examples of spatial reality is the game Pokémon Go, which takes place in the real world and lets gamers interact with Pokémon as if they were part of their environment. Virtual and augmented reality go hand in hand with the idea of spatial computing. Spatial computing is a hybrid between real and virtual experiences. Apple Vision Pro captures data from the user’s real environment and processes it into a 3D map, called spatial mapping. The device can then project virtual objects onto the reality of the user of the Vision Pro headset, which is where the term ‘mixed reality’ comes into play. This is because the real environment of users is now covered with virtual reality. Apple Vision Pro

Take one for the team Apple Vision Pro

Yes, God help us, kitchen timer. It’s like putting smart Post-It notes on your utensils. But unlike actual Post-It notes, they will never break into your house or set the house on fire. Because they are not real. That’s according to Joanna Stern, senior personal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal. Stern proved he’s stronger than 98 percent of tech journalists by appearing on CNBC with a Vision Pro on his head. “The best thing I did with it was cook with it. I was able to set a timer in my environment, right above the utensils,” she said. “[It] was one of those moments where I could actually see the future,” she later tweeted on X. The Apple Vision Pro isn’t just another gadget; It is an effort in the field of spatial computing. This innovative headset allows users to blend digital content with their real-world environment, providing seamless integration of virtual and augmented reality. The device is the culmination of years of progress in various technological areas, including silicon chip design, display technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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