Dunki Advance Booking: Shahrukh Khan film Best Opening Earns ₹1.30 crore More than Rs

Dunki Advance Booking: Shahrukh Khan’s film earns ₹1.30 crore
More than Rs. Earning has been done yet advance booking is not stopping.

Dunki Advance Booking

Donkey Advance Booking: Prabhas’s Salaar will compete with Shahrukh Khan’s film. The director of Donkey is Rajkumar Hirani. Dunky Advance Booking: In 2023, Shahrukh Khan will release Dunky, his third film.

Dunki Advance Booking: As soon as the window opened, “Dunky” tickets were sold out; reservations are being made at the box office quickly.

Dunki Reservation in Advance Dunki, Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming film, is now available for advance booking. The moment the ticket window opened, those eager to see Donkey began making reservations. The amount of money Dinky made in a single day from advance reservations has been made public. SeasonFire and Donkey Ka Salaar Part 1 will compete at the box office.

Dunki Advance Booking

As per social media platform, the movie has earned ₹1.30 crore in Dunki advance bookings thus far. Rajkumar Hirani is the director of the movie, which also stars Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu. Shah Rukh Khan made his debut

Account valued at several crores Dunki Advance Booking

Sacknilk claims that advance sales of the Shah Rukh Khan film Dunki Advance Booking have brought in Rs 1.30 crore. In a single day, 3,2770 tickets for Dinky were sold. In Hindi, only 2836 tickets have been sold. In a single day, Dunki has accomplished a great deal of advanced work. It’s thought that, similar to Jawan and Pathan, the movie could have a fantastic premiere.

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Overseas advance ticket sales for the movie began last week, and demand has been strong. Expectations point to a release price of more than ₹20.8 crore ($2.50 million). Pinkvilla claims that profits in foreign markets could surpass ₹25 crore ($3 million). Depending on how the audience responds, the first four-day weekend run could earn more than ₹124 crore ($15 million), according to the report.

Dunki Advance Booking


It is expected that the festive window of Christmas and New Year’s will increase ticket sales. The movie’s weekend-level receipts should be maintained during this time frame during the workdays.

Dunki Advance Booking In just three days, how many tickets did Danke sell?

Sumit Kadel, a film trade analyst, stated on X that the box office performance of Dunki will become evident in the next three days. “Donkey’s first pre-sale got off to a remarkable start,” he wrote. More than 10,000 tickets for the movie have been sold at nationwide chain multiplexes. Additionally, non-national series are gaining strength. In terms of final advance bookings, Dinky could rival the highest-grossing films of 2023 if the current momentum persists. Three days from now will paint a clear picture.

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