Aadujeevitham Box Office Collection, Rs 100 Crore at the Box Office. across from

Aadujeevitham Box Office Collection: The film ‘Aadujeevitham: The Got Life’, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, is based on a true story and has grossed Rs 100 crore at the box office.

Aadujeevitham Box Office Collection

Aadujeevitham crosses Rs 100 crore mark at global box office: Based on a true story, Malayalam superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran’s film ‘Aadujeevitham:

The Goat Life’ released in theaters worldwide on March 28. , From superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran’s ‘career best performance’ to National Award winning director Blessy’s ‘best film till date’, ‘Aadujeevitam:

Box Office Collection

The Goat Life’ has received rave reviews and has taken the theaters by storm. The biggest survival adventure film ever released on 1720 screens. ‘Aadujeevitam: The Goat Life’ has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark. Aadujeevitham Box Office Collection

The film achieved this feat within nine days. Even in its second week, the film’s bookings on booking apps are the highest for any film in India, surpassing successful films like The Crew and Tillu Square as well as Vijay Devarakonda starrer Family Star. Is. This trend shows that the film still has a long way to go to progress at a slow pace.

The Goat Life’ Aadujeevitham Box Office Collection

Blessy, director of ‘Aadujeevitam: The Goat Life’, said, ‘The entire team of the film has put in over a decade of hard work and blood, sweat and tears to make this dream come true. This film has stayed with me for over 16 years and it’s a privilege to finally see it take off and be accepted by audiences around the world.

We are extremely happy and grateful for the response the film has received, and we hope it continues to cross boundaries and bring this real-life story to more and more people.’

Produced by Visual Romance, ‘Aadujeevitam: The Goat Life’ stars Hollywood actors Jimmy Jean-Louis, Amala Paul and K.R. Like there are Indian actors too. Famous Arab actors such as Gokul, Talib Al Balushi and Rick Eby star in the lead roles.

Aadujeevitham Box Office Collection

Music direction

The film’s music direction and sound design was by Academy Award winner A.R. Was done by. Rahman and Resul Pookutty. Blessy has brought the story of ‘Aadujeevitam’, the world’s most popular and best-selling novel of Malayalam literature, to the screen. This film will be released in five languages Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

Story of the movie

“In 2008, when Blessy first approached me about doing this film, my initial thought was how do I play this character?” Prithviraj said in an interview with ANI. Should I approach you and discuss your true self, or should I make an effort to comprehend the Najib that Benjamin has penned or the Najib that Blasey envisions? I was delusional in thinking that.

He went on, “Blessy and I ultimately decided that I should play the Najeeb that Blessy had imagined based on the novel and the Najeeb that I had in my head.” This Najeeb appears in the film. Aadujeevitham Box Office Collection

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