Big Update on Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu ₹1000 Crore Film!

## SSMB29: A Pan-India Cinematic Extravaganza by SS Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu

Exciting updates are emerging about SS Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu’s highly anticipated film, SSMB29. This pan-India project is set to be a grand cinematic experience with filming planned across various countries.

Mahesh Babu

### Shooting and Preparation Timeline

According to reports from, Rajamouli is planning to kick off this big-budget film in August this year. Mahesh Babu will spend the next two months preparing for his role, while Rajamouli is meeting with several top stars to bring them onboard for this ₹1000 crore venture. Recently, there were talks about Deepika Padukone being approached for the film, though no official confirmation has been made.

### Global Scale and Unique Cast

This film promises to be a large-scale production, with shooting schedules spanning different countries and a diverse cast of international actors. Mahesh Babu is said to sport a unique look that has never been seen before, adding to the excitement.

### Genre and Inspiration

SSMB29 is described as a global jungle action-adventure film. During the Toronto International Film Festival in 2022, Rajamouli mentioned that this movie would be in the vein of “Indiana Jones” and “James Bond”. There are also rumors that Mahesh Babu’s character will be inspired by Hanuman and will appear in eight different avatars.

### Mythological Elements and Shooting Locations

Rajamouli’s films often feature characters inspired by Hindu mythology, and SSMB29 is expected to continue this trend. Reports indicate that a significant portion of the film will be shot in the dense jungles of Africa and the Amazon.

### Key Highlights

– **Pan-India Film**: SSMB29 will be a massive production shot across various countries.
– **Star-Studded Cast**: Efforts are underway to bring top actors onboard, with Deepika Padukone rumored to be in talks.
– **Unique Role for Mahesh Babu**: Mahesh Babu will showcase a never-before-seen look and may play a character inspired by Hanuman.
– **Global Action-Adventure**: The film is set to be an action-adventure, similar to “Indiana Jones” and “James Bond”.
– **Mythological Inspiration**: As with Rajamouli’s previous works, this film will likely include elements inspired by Hindu mythology.
– **Exotic Locations**: Major parts of the film will be shot in Africa and the Amazon jungles.

Stay tuned for more updates as Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu’s SSMB29 progresses towards becoming one of Indian cinema’s most awaited releases!

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