Review of Mask Girl: A New K-Drama Blinded by Ambition

This Is The Post Review of Mask Girl

Mask Girl is a riveting new Korean thriller series based on a webtoon of the same name that features murder, covert identities, and several tales of plastic surgery. It stands out from the other K-dramas available on Netflix (NFLX), making daring decisions (with daring social criticism), similar to Squid Game. With the sheer volume of turns and twists the program offers, it swings for the fences and gets off to a great start. Mask Girl eventually breaks under the weight of its own brilliance, though. Review of Mask Girl

Mask Girl is essentially the story of a woman who has suffered because, in the perspective of many other characters, she is “ugly.” Kim Mo-mi formerly had aspirations of being a well-known artist, but from a very young age, her appearance (as well as cruel remarks from her mother and peers) stood in the way. Mo-mi, a grown woman with a boring accounting job, indulges in her fantasies online by dancing and making out with guys on live streams. She has a big following that she keeps hidden by wearing a mask over her face. But when a crush that she doesn’t get back sets her off, there is no turning back. Review of Mask Girl

Along with his protective mother Kim Kyung-ja (Yeom Hye-ran), coworker and die-hard Mask Girl admirer Ju Oh-nam (Ahn Jae-hong) also plays a significant role in Mo-mi’s journey. Six episodes of Mask Girl, which adopts an anthology style, tie together all of their storylines. Every episode has a distinct character name and tells the main narrative from that character’s perspective. Even while the individual episodes are enjoyable for stand-alone viewing, the device becomes stale as the show goes on and the character relationships grow shakier. Review of Mask Girl

However, Mask Girl does offer some excellent rhythms.

However, Mask Girl does offer some excellent rhythms. The first two episodes of the series may be among the most fascinating and informative two hours of television that Netflix has produced this year. The curriculum excels in “Kim Mo-Mi” and “Ju Oh-nam,” mixing animation, romance, and horror to produce works that are truly original. The show is extremely astute when it comes to gender dynamics, as Oh-nam personifies sleazy, sweaty incel society while Mo-mi’s vulnerabilities cause her to want male attention. Review of Mask Girl

In these episodes, which take place in 2009, the importance of a rising online culture is underlined, complete with all the modern-day beauty standards and softcore sex work. Mo-mi and Oh-nam are accustomed to being outcasts, but the ability to maintain an anonymous online presence has compounded their problems and added to the dehumanized sensation they were both already well acquainted with. This makes for an occasionally uncomfortable viewing experience, but that is intentional. Review of Mask Girl

Review of Mask Girl

How to Use One of Its More Forgiveable Stupid Tropes

Review of Mask Girl

The program uses one of its more knowingly stupid tropes, where characters are performed by numerous actors thanks to miraculous cosmetic surgery treatments, as a result of this disconnected drive. In the series, Mo-mi is portrayed by three different actresses: K-pop star Nana takes over as Mo-mi’s new face, but she wears her ugly past well; and Korean TV veteran Go Hyun-jung steps in for the final episode, after a significant jump in time.

Newcomer Lee Han-byeol is given the challenging role of being the “ugly” version, which she pulls off with poignant pathos. Mask Girl owes a lot to such melodramas, both good and bad, and it uses a style right out of soap operas, a ubiquitous television genre even if it goes by many names. Review of Mask Girl

Review of Mask Girl

In the end, the program commits the same sin as many soap operas, prioritizing surprise narrative twists over likable character growth. Mask Girl’s second half attempts to elicit stunned and amazed gasps, but because its revelations are so contrived, it is more likely to result in irritated sighs. Review of Mask Girl

As the series progresses, the plot turns into a half-baked revenge plot that barely touches upon the concerns highlighted earlier in the series, and the show loses its clear sense of direction.

Mask Girl has a fantastic beginning and is brimming with inspiration for how it wants to portray painfully real characters, but it is unable to keep up with its own complexity. Review of Mask Girl

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